Habla menos actúa Más – brian tracy – Audiolibro

Habla menos actúa Más –  brian tracy – Audiolibro


Si te pones como meta lograr dos cosas todos los días —sin excepción—, no tendrás límites para lo que quieras alcanzar. El experto en éxito, Brian Tracy, comparte un método probado de siete pasos que te ayudarán a conseguir, en pocos meses, más de lo que la mayoría de las personas logra en toda su vida:

1. Elimina los hábitos negativos.
2. Toma el control de tu vida.
3. Atrévete a ir hacia adelante.
4. Decide qué es lo que realmente quieres. .
5. Supera la procrastinación. .
6. Conviértete en un aprendiz de por vida. .
7. Nunca te rindas. .

Con la ayuda de Brian Tracy, serás capaz de descubrir la clave para ganar, tener felicidad, crear una buena reputación y triunfar. Habla menos, actúa más es la clave para conquistar tus objetivos y liberar tu potencial ilimitado para tu vida y tu negocio.”

"Eat That Frog" Top Takeaways | Brian Tracy

"Eat That Frog" Top Takeaways | Brian Tracy

Procrastination continues to be one of the largest enemies of our personal productivity, but it’s never too late to break this habit! In today’s video, I’d like to talk to you about some of the top takeaways of this book and why its imperative to eat your frog. http://bit.ly/2mxtQRf

Click the link above for a transcription of my best-seller Eat That Frog!

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Sales Pitch Fail (How NOT to sell chatbots)

Sales Pitch Fail (How NOT to sell chatbots)

👋 Hey #botfam! Whether you have sales experience or you’ve never sold anything in your life… Selling a new marketing tool and technology like chatbots can be really challenging.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the technical terms and crazy awesome things that chatbots can do… Without really explaining what VALUE and ROI a business could see from a bot.

❌ In today’s video, Kyle breaks down his first BIG chatbot pitch FAIL (with a huge company) and the 3 mistakes he made during it.

At this point, Kyle has pitched bots to prospects in every way possible … In person, on a virtual video conference, cold email, cold call, cold message, partnerships, and the list goes on.

These 3 mistakes don’t just apply to pitching a chatbot in one of these scenarios — These are mistakes you need to be aware of and avoid regardless of how you choose to get clients 💰

⬇ Have you ever failed at a sales pitch? Let us know in the comments! ⬇

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How to Impove Your Web Design Sales Pitch 1000%

How to Impove Your Web Design Sales Pitch 1000%

This video’s topic – How to Improve Your Web Design Sales Pitch 1000%. For video notes and extra resources: https://foxwebschool.com/how-to-improve-your-web-design-sales-by-earning-trust/

Check out https://foxwebschool.com for my private web design community, sales and web design business resources, and much more.

There are a lot of web designers out there putting in the work to sell web design but who are seeing no results. When selling a website they focus on doing “more” to hopefully get make more sales. More emails. More sales calls. More messaging owners. And so on.

But to sell web design you need to have certain things in place before ever even reaching out to business owners. Without them, you won’t be able to sell web design no matter how much work you do.

In this video, we cover the biggest thing you need before selling websites – trust. If a business owner can’t trust you they won’t ever buy from you. And this goes even more for selling websites. Quite simply lots of business owners will find it hard to believe your sales pitch if you can’t build trust quickly.

In this tutorial, we could how this level of trust impacts your sales pitches and what you can do to fix it.

Any questions or feedback just post up in the comments.

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"Everything Begins With An Idea" – with Brian Tracy

"Everything Begins With An Idea" – with Brian Tracy

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Oh my goodness – Brian Tracy is in my suite!!

Yes, THE Brian Tracy – the most listened to audio author and ‘rockstar’ in personal and business success in the world today!

Author of over 75 books, and over 350 audio courses! (and yes…I’m a bit nervous…my mouth is quivering)

I’ve never met Brian before… and we’re attending the same event… so I get up the courage to ask him to come to my ‘suite’ to capture this short video for you – and he said YES!

From start to finish it’s filled with Pearls Of Wisdom –
you will LOVE it!

Brain shares with us what he would tell someone just starting their own business – even if you don’t have all the skills yourself.

His wants to help people to achieve personal and business success faster and easier than they ever imagined.

In this short video Brian Tracy shares:

• His first 3-steps to get started in your own business

• The 3 most important things to consider when creating your product

• How to Co-create your products WITH your customers!

• How to make sure (in advance) that your product will sell.

• A new way to look at “selling” (that makes it simple and comfortable)

• The 3 necessary things that happen when you take ACTION

Let me know what you think!

Sabrina Truscott

You can also read the highlights from the interview with Brian here:

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No Excuses! Power of Self Discipline Brian Tracy Pt. 3

No Excuses! Power of Self Discipline Brian Tracy Pt. 3

In this Brian Tracy audiobook, No Excuses! Power of Self Discipline Brian Tracy teaches us how self discipline can lead to success in life.

Get the book: https://amzn.to/2GSEtG9
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Earn More Money and More Time. Eliminate the Time Wasters! | Brian Tracy

Earn More Money and More Time. Eliminate the Time Wasters! | Brian Tracy

Time management is life management. It requires self-control, self-mastery, and self-discipline. By improving your time management skills, you will inevitably improve your quality of life. In today’s video, we review the one discipline that is essential to everything else you want to achieve. http://bit.ly/2mnDxSu

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How to Pitch Your First High Ticket Sale

How to Pitch Your First High Ticket Sale

It’s no secret that the worst clients are the ones who pay you less than you’re worth… so what’s the best way to pitch yourself to high ticket clients so that you can get clients that are able to pay you the the big bucks? Big ticket selling is a lot different than simply making a deal over coffee. To pitch corporate clients, it’s important to understand what they are looking for and make sure your services and your expertise answer their objections.

Pitching high ticket items is more than just manifesting with the law of attraction – you’ll need to put in the expertise in a specific niche so that you can command the highest price possible. People pay for expertise, not for commodities. In this video Eric Siu shares his favorite strategies for how to attract clients and how to get more clients through leveling up your sales presentation as well as your expertise. you’ll learn the mindset shift needed to pitch high end clients and build your business empire. For more lead generation and entrepreneur advice, be sure to subscribe to our channel and let us know in the comments what you think!

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How a Good Sales Pitch Will Make Closing Easier

How a Good Sales Pitch Will Make Closing Easier

This is a clip taken from our webinar on How to Make Closing Sales Prospects Easy. This clip focuses on how your sales pitch will either make closing difficult to easy and we use a demonstration of two different sales pitches to show that.

If you would like to watch the full webinar and/or download the slides, you can do that on a blog page where we posted the video and slides and here is a link for that https://salesscripter.com/how-to-make-closing-sales-prospects-easy/