How to Pitch Your Business In 60 Seconds

How to pitch your business in 60 seconds.

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How to pitch your business in 60 seconds.

I’m not going to waste your time with stuff you already know. Speak clearly, practice your pitch, use props. Brush your teeth ect ect. These are the basics. This is more about what’s beneath the surface of a good pitch.

We have all been there, listening to that person stand up and list every service they provide, expecting you to jump up and scream “I want to buy you “ Its boring and a little scary, you certainly don’t want to to enter into a conversation with captain sell straight after.

So if you’re feeling totally lost on how to pitch your business, then here are 3 steps to follow which will entice people to want to know more.

Step 1 of how to pitch your business in 60 seconds

The problem.

As a business, you exist to solve a problem potential clients might have. You are there to ease pain points. So that’s where you start.

Address the problems your business solves. Steve

So why does this work?

Because it simplifies what you do to a level anyone can understand and allows people to build an image of your business that’s comfortable to them.

Step 2 of how to pitch your business in 60 seconds

The solution

Ideally, you want to try and tell a story relating to your business. Something that sums up an achievement or something you’re proud of.

So why does this work?

There are plenty of industries out there, for examples accounts or personal trainers, that to the average person all offer the same thing. Telling a story that’s unique to you will set you apart. You won’t find another accountant with the same story and the passion you tell it with will engage anyone listening.

Step three of how to pitch your business in 60 seconds

Sell the mission

Our mission is to put people back at the front of businesses. So we don’t need to talk about how we do this using video, that’s just a tool that gets us a result.

Focus on the sole reason for your businesses existence.

So if you’ve come this far in the video and are thinking “I don’t have a mission” You probably do but you just need to spend a bit of time thinking about exactly what it is.

So there we have it. Three steps on how to pitch your business in 60 seconds.

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