How to Write a Book | Brian Tracy

You’re about to discover the SIMPLE 4-step book writing formula used by best-selling, world famous authors…

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The fact is…

More than 80% of people like you, want to write a book, because:

You have a Message, a MISSION or an experience to share that will inspire millions of people and make a DIFFERENCE in the world.

To become recognized as the EXPERT authority and have MORE INFLUENCE, generate more BUSINESS and reap MORE REWARDS.

Or…Maybe you want to write a book because somewhere along the way, you developed a BETTER, FASTER, EASIER way to do something.

The FACT is…
You DREAM of being a rich and famous published author, but…

• You have NO idea how or where to start…
• You’re STUCK in the office, overwhelmed and don’t have enough TIME.
• Your writers block keeps you staring at PAGE 1
• You’re not confident in your writing ability or you just don’t feel qualified enough

You want to write a book… but for whatever reason, you have yet to make it happen.

Now it’s time to MAKE it happen.

In the next 45 minutes, get ready to learn the simple 4-step formula used by two best selling authors that took them from


And it can do the same for you.

Because the fact is that right now, you’re only 4 STEPS away from making your dream, your REALITY.

Get ready to EXPERIENCE a massive mental shift.

Find out what happens when you ERASE your fears and doubts
When you STOP Making Excuses and


All you have to do is…


I will show you my 4-part proven process that I’ve personally used to write and publish over 60 books. Make your dreams of becoming an author a reality.

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